Building full stack JS apps

Hi Geeks,

First i’ve a quote which i believe in “Javascript will rule the world!”. Despite being a PHP developer, last months i got stuck loving JS.

Actually last couple of months i was just started using node. As my friend @ma7med_amr was working with me on our graduation project he has used node for managing web based audio/video calls. After that i felt in love with node and also angular. 5 months later i joined eventtus and i knew that they are using mongo as their DB engine. After using mongo i can say that nodeJS, angular and mongo are the best combo for creating full stack js web app.

I can remember also a conversation between me and @shreef about full stack js apps he told me “i’ve looked at lots of github repos and i can say that all those are mess!”. Actually he was right about this. For now, creating a full stack js app is not a good idea. IT’S REALLY A BIG HASSLE to do so. There’s no reliable framework which you can rely on.

here’s i’ll show you in brief how to build up a login/registeration system using node and mongoDB. we’ll do this with some node modules

1- mongoos (for handling db queries).
2- express (for handling http server and routing).
3- ejs (for handling html rendering).
4- connect-flash (for passing flash messages between pages)
5- passport-local (for managing local authentication).

you can find the full project code at

as you may see, lots and lots of packages for just creating a login/registeration system. it’s a new technology that needs more adaption.
it need more and more contribution from the opensource community to create full stacked js framework to make developing such apps more easier and interesting.