2012 in my resolution

I actually i was reading @shreef‘s new blog post Late new year’s resolution and decided to write a blog post like it.

so here’s my 2012’s list and don’t forget your opinions matter specially for me.

1-Started my own freelance work.
2-Being engaged to Codeigniter.
3-Gained more skills in jQuery UI framework.
4-Build new skills for dealing with database.
5-Getting started with Laravel and felt in love with its bundles.
6-Built new social relationships and had the true meaning of inner-peace.
7-Built http://zer0day.info/ for zero day event.
8-won Nokia Smart Asha competition as the best mobile developer.
9-Getting started with Joomla CMS.
10-Gained more skills for building my own REST API.
11-Started using ADO.net & linq for some small projects.
12-Built a mobile web app & 2 asha mobile apps.
13-Got a new big bro. @ahmedhosnycs
14-Built my own gang @ahmedhosnycs , Bojeyy & @RamyBayern 😉

That all i can remember for now 🙂